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The SafeBox is the new electrically insulated class II industry standard power range of products for safeguarding signalling distribution on transport networks.

The Class II units have been developed with input from experienced Network Rail engineers and consultants with on track feedback from installers and maintainers to build a range of products that are strong, durable, high impact and vandal proof. The SafeBox range is quick to install and offers easy maintenance with a long service life in excess of 40 years.

SafeBoxes are manufactured with a full EIC (Electrical Insulated Coating) encapsulating a steel substrate material to overcome a range of challenges encountered during the installation, maintenance and protection of power distribution equipment. Due to the unique way we manufacture our Class II enclosures we can adapt our designs to suit your exact challenge or application.

SafeBoxes mount directly onto to BRS-SM440 Brackets, to sit in the front pane of the location case. This allows transformers and other equipment to be mounted directly behind the unit in the central void of the racking giving more flexibility over other alternatives in the industry.

SafeBox Mounted

SafeBoxes can be installed in new eqiupment, or retrofitted into pre-existing installations with various sizes and distribution outputs to accommodate any requirements.

With an expanding range of products Henry Williams now offer a portfolio of solutions to suit most signalling installations and cable sizes or to the customers specific design and specification.

  • Wide range of product acceptance for FSP01, FSP02, FSP03 and FSP04’s
  • Modular designs allow for additional function switches to be connected
  • Removable gland plates for ease of cable fitting
  • Ease and speed of cable installation on-site
  • Form 3, Form4A or Form 4B segregation of incomer/outgoing 650V feeder cables dependant on specification requirements
  • 5kg impact tested to IK09 in accordance with BS EN 62262:2002
  • Each unit is dielectrically tested to 3.5 kV in accordance with BS EN 61439-1:2011
  • Ingress protection rated IP4X
  • Continued operation after flooding
  • 40 year life
  • Rated voltage 690VAC
  • Mounted in standard BRS-SM 440 rails and space for first fit applications
  • Wide range of mounting arrangements including a separate annexe enclosure for SIN119 applications
  • For cable up to 120mm²

Before SafeBox Installation

SafeBox Install Before

After SafeBox Installation

SafeBox Install After