Class II FSP01/02/04 Location Case

Henry Williams offers an innovative, dynamic solution to the rail industry in the form of its Class II FSP01/02/04 Cubicles.

Henry Williams supplies Class II FSP cubicles factory-fitted with all internal equipment and ready for installation and termination. Each FSP is fitted with a Class II SafeBox for 650v power distribution. SafeBoxes come in various wiring configurations that can accept a wide range of cable sizes and core counts. For more information on our switchgear offerings and configurations Click Here.

Our team of experienced project engineers can assist in the selection of equipment to conform to any requirements.

As Henry Williams is a diverse manufacturing company, we produce the SafeBoxes, location cases, and rails and bracketry on-site and are ideally suited to supply the full package, tested and warranted as part of your project or maintenance needs.

The slim design of our SafeBox range enables forward mounting freeing up valuable space to mount transformers above and behind the distribution unit. Using a typical 500VA Class II transformer, our FSPs can accommodate the following:

  • A standard Half Location case can accommodate up to 3 transformers (1 Domestic and 2 Output).
  • A standard Full Location case can accommodate up to 5 transformers(1 Domestic and 4 Output).
  • A bespoke Henry Williams enclosure, the Location Case + Power can accommodate up to 8 transformers (1 Domestic and 7 Output)


Henry Williams FSPs can come equipped with various project-specific equipment such as Surge Protection Devices, either fitted inside the SafeBox, or fitted in its own enclosure mounted inside the location case.

The SafeBox can be mounted at any height improving cable access where needed. Outgoing terminations can be mounted and configured in various ways with separation of voltages if required.

The Class II FSP01/02/04 are complemented by our Class II FSP03 which works in conjunction with the approved Auto Reconfiguration Systems (ARS).