Domino Panel Blue LED

Henry Williams are committed to further improving the reliability of our Domino signalman’s panels. In association with MARL International we have developed a direct replacement Blue LED, to be used only for automatic signal indications and push/pull units.

This unit is compatible with all T2 BA7 bulb style Domino signalman’s panels installed throughout the UK.

Mean Time Between Failure = 100,000 hours
Typical emission colour: x=0.45, y=0.41
Colour Temperature 2500—4600K
This unit will not illuminate below 9Vac/dc
Current will fully stabilise at 17Vac/dc and remain constant to 28Vac/dc

Internal full wave rectification giving:

  • Imperceivable flicker on ac supplies above 30Hz
  • Minimal harmonic disturbance

Designed to withstand supply spikes and transients below 300mJ

Product marking indicates current rating

Part No. 086/023044