Railways Treadle

The treadle or electromechanical switch provides detection at a given point on the passage of a train or single vehicle travelling at speeds of up to 260 km/hour with either uni or bi-directional control.

Henry Williams offer an refurbishment service to extend the life and maintain the high reliability of the treadle switch, by refurbishing existing units and replacing all wearing components at a fraction of the new unit cost.

The treadle switches are Network Rail approved and are covered under the following CAT numbers :-

Cautor® 086/046303
Forfex® Std 086/046306
Forfex® A-B 086/046311 Forfex® B-A 086/046318
FBB 086/046316 EU Base 088/092963
Cautor® 086/046300 Forfex® Std 086/046305
Forfex® A-B 086/046310 Forfex® B-A 086/046315
BHB 086/046317

CAUTOR® and FORFEX® are registered trade marks belonging to SNIC RAIL