The railways industry is less than 60 years older than Henry Williams Ltd - and we are proud to continue working within the railways industry as part of our core business.

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As a natural extension of our wealth of experience within railways, we moved into the highways industry in the 1980's. We offer highways equipment and control systems - and are proud to be a key supplier to the Highways agency.

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Henry Williams ltd offers forgings expertise across a variety of Industries. As a supplier we are able to offer both drop forgings and upset forgings.

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Oil, Gas

We have over 40 years experience manufacturing forgings in the oil and gas industry. From drop stamped forged valves and connectors through to seamless pipe forgings and shafts.

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Forgings, Fabrication and Electrical Projects

Manufacturers of Upset Forgings, Drop Forgings, Fabrications, Enclosures, Mimic Panels, Signalling and Electrical Installations
From railway beginnings to diverse engineering expertise, Henry Williams has the corporate strength you can depend on.
Henry Williams is a versatile and multi-skilled engineering business, as highly regarded for our work in the fields of highways equipment, control systems and forgings as for our long-established railway connections.

One name, many talents