Location Cases

In terms of securely housing safety-critical trackside communication equipment and switchgear, the right location case is everything.

Henry Williams Limited offers a complete solution for the manufacture of REBs and location case assemblies, prefabricated to agreed design criteria with approved mechanical racking and with all electrical control equipment installed and fully tested.

Location cases are supplied in mild or stainless steel, either empty or complete with stainless steel racking. REBs are fitted with similar racking systems. Location cases are available with Anti Vandal Protection by either a cubicle strap or shrouded handle.

A strong background in the electrical fitting out of control cabinets for all industries, including rail, enables Henry Williams to provide a complete fitting-out facility, with all our staff trained in accordance with NR/CS/CTM/001 – Company Standard – Competence Management.

To complement manufacturing facilities, Henry Williams offers comprehensive testing of all electrical equipment to rail industry requirements. We offer a service to perform the testing function to fulfil the requirements of TC2 certification.