LEMUR-AG15 Solar Mitigation – Railways

Henry Williams are an approved supplier/installer of LEMUR-AG15

LEMUR-AG15, a novel technology developed to solve the challenges of over-heating assets due to solar gain. This fully passive system provides a highly efficient protective skin from the effects of electromagnetic waves of solar origin. Adaptable and scalable this technology protects equipment & apparatus housings, buildings & structures and is suited to all outdoor environments and sectors.

LEMUR-AG15 Product

Panels are adhesive backed and laser cut to fit any profile from small road/track side assets to Apparatus Cases, also up to Manufactured Steel Buildings.

  • Reflects Transverse Electromagnetic waves from the sun >97%
  • < 0.5Kg /m– Full Location Case kit weighing only 6Kg
  • < 0.5mm thick, flexible and formable to any profile.
  • Long service life >20 years.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Typical installation time 15 minutes (Full Location Case)
  • Fully passive solution requiring no power source.
  • Specially formulated Hi-Tac weatherproof structural tape backing.
  • Non porous, resistant to water, chemicals, oils, mould & Algae.
  • Resistant to graffiti and easily cleaned.
  • No requirements to drill the housing.
  • No Requirements for plant & civils.
  • No Requirement to de-energise the asset or open doors.

Henry Williams are the approved supplier of LEMUR AG15, which can be specified and applied to new orders, as well as providing a retro-fit option for existing equipment. For any additional information please contact our sales department at: Sales@hwilliams.co.uk