Electromechanical Detectors Refurbishment

Due to the method of operation of the treadle switch wear is inevitable. To enable the unit to provide an extended life and maintain its high reliability Henry Williams Limited provide a refurbishment service replacing all wearing components with new.

The servicing procedure, in general terms, includes stripping down, cleaning, painting, re-assembling and testing of units.

The following parts are replaced or provided at every service:-

  • Top Cover Gasket
  • Arm Assembly c/w Shock Absorbers
  • Coupling Shaft Assembly
  • Assorted Screws and Fixings
  • Protective Packaging
  • Cable Glands (pair)
  • One Tin (500ml) Treadle Oil

In addition treadles coming in for repair, which are not configured to the new twin gland entry can be upgraded to the new specification, upon request.

All units will be returned complete with a Certificate of Conformity.