Domino Spares Push/Pull Kits

The Henry Williams Domino ® typesystem has been in existence since the 1950s.

Many are still in service today yet one of the areas of concern on older panels is the pushbutton springs and contacts. Henry Williams Ltd have pulled together a pushbutton spares kit which can be installed into your existing top units thereby extending the life of the panel.

The Push/Pull Spares Kits JS(W)520/II, pictured above comprises of the following parts:-

  • JS(W)517/II Clear Button Stem
  • JS(W)516/Fr Button Stem Disk (plus engraving TBA)
  • JS(W)461/ Button Collar (colour TBA)
  • JS(W)456/ Switch Guide Moulding (x2)
  • JS(W)522/1 Push Actuating Plate Assembly
  • JS(W)529/1 Pull Actuating Plate Assembly
  • JS(W)527/1 Insulated Stop Pins (x2)
  • JS(W)181/1 Button Stirrup Contact (x2)
  • T(W)2017 Pushbutton Spring
  • T(W)2054 Spring Elongated
  • T(W)2055 Compression Spring