Passive Safe Columns and Poles

Henry Williams Limited have teamed up with Safety Products to offer a range of passive safe street lighting and highways products to make our roadsides a safer place for motorists.

All over the world, people are killed or injured in collisions with road infrastructures that simply aren’t safe.
In the case of a collision with a conventional street lighting column or sign pole it barely moves. This, in turn causes the vehicle to be stopped so abruptly and in such a short distance, that a negative impact on the human body cannot be avoided.

The passive safe column ZIPpole saves lives. In the case of an impact, the strong conical shape changes into a soft ribbon. While the pole yields the rate of deceleration of the vehicle is reduced dissipating the forces over a longer much safer period.

ZIPpoles are the safest energy absorbing columns, CE approved according to EN40, EN12899 and EN12767.

Manufactured from a special steel called Magnelis the ZIPpole is not just safe but also has a very good resistance to corrosion, enabling it to be the ideal solution on UK roads and highways for specification by local authorities, government agencies and consultants.