Railways E&P

Henry Williams are an industry leader in the design, supply and manufacture of metal, EIC & GRP enclosures and cubicles for the distribution of DNO power connections and point heating installations.

The entire rail infrastructure has a continuous power supply system supplied at 25Kv, 650V and national standard 400V. All these voltages require a means of distribution to the trackside equipment and are manufactured at our factory in Darlington, North East England.

Our engineering and electrical team are specialists in the manufacture of power distribution systems and are able to provide a large range of robust cabinets supplied either fitted out or empty ready to be fitted with power distribution equipment. The cabinets and cubicles are manufactured in a variety of materials including mild/stainless steel and aluminium to our standard approved designs or bespoke to fulfil your particular specification requirements.

Henry Williams also offer a variety of solutions to stop the problems and delays associated with frozen points by manufacturing and supplying cutting edge technology in the use of Constant Current Point Heating controls and systems.

The CCPH system provides electrical outputs to track mounted strip heaters ensuring points do not freeze during adverse weather conditions. This is achieved by a self regulating weather monitoring controller configured to suit the environmental conditions. In addition to switching of the heating system, intelligent controls can be provided as an option enabling outstations to remote monitor the reliability and condition of the entire system and generating alarms when necessary.

All electrification and power cabinets and cubicles are manufactured to the following Network Rail CAT Numbers:-

054/009488 1 Phase Control Cubicle
054/009489 3 Phase Control Cubicle
0055/009182 DNO Cubicles