LOC + Power Cubicle

Key Capacity Benefits

Signalling Equipment:

  • Up to 74 Miniature Relays or equivalent (track feeds etc)
  • Up to 16 SSI Spaces, whilst still retaining 14 Relay Spaces

The expected combination however is for:
5 TFM SSI units – 2 DLM SSI units – 28 Miniature Relay Spaces

Room for all terminals and fuses required for interconnection and plug couplers where necessary and spare capacity for future use.

Power Equipment:
The recommended option is that the power provision is done through the use of the power extension (see below for details), however a FSP02 Module and one signalling transformer can still be accommodated.

Power Extension gives Capacity for:

  • SafeBox FSP02 Module
  • Two Signalling Transformers, a third may be accommodated dependant on size or can be provided for in the Loc + case

Key Features
Low grade Stainless Steel painted construction giving improved corrosion resistance over traditional electro-plated and painted location cases. Variants include Stainless Steel 304 or 316 and also an EIC finish.
Sits on traditional pre-case base 0004/1042720.
Padlock shroud, 20 x 6mm three point locking arrangement and inverted hinges to give higher security.
Segregation of power from signalling equipment when power option is used.