Henry Williams’ fishplates are manufactured using our forging process which maximises the inherent strength of the raw material by maintaining the grain flow through the metal.

Our key design team have extensive knowledge of fishplate manufacture which is supported by our archive of rail section samples from around the World allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of fishplates.

In light rail or where small quantities of extreme combinations are required we can offer plates manufactured from bar, profiled section or plate which complements our forged product range.

Emergency Clamped Joggled Fishplates

To effect emergency repairs on broken, welded or fractured rail section we have an Emergency Clamped Joggled fishplate assembly which gives a swiftly applied temporary repair allowing trains to continue to run, although at a reduced line speed.

When fitting no drilling or machining is required just a standard fishplate spanner. The dimpled holes in the fishplate gives the maximum choice of positions for the clamps enabling fitting around chairs and fasteners.

Standard joggled fishplates are designed to suit broken thermit welds, electric flash butt welds and are also suitable for plain rails.

A comprehensive list of all approved fishplates is available on requested.