Forgings For Transportation

Henry Williams Ltd produce a range of forging processes used within the on and off highway vehicles industry and are manufactured in both large and small volumes. These products are forged to improve strength and grain flow resulting in improved mechanical properties.

Dependent on complexity, the parts can be produced as a drop forging or a combination of drop forging and upset forging. This includes 1 ton gravity drop hammers up to 3 tons with various supportive hydraulic pre-form and clipping presses and close to form coining can be carried out either hot or cold.

The range of forgings are manufactured at Darlington and vary in size from 50mm in diameter up to 300mm, with weights from 0.2kg up to 150kg. Depending on the end use they are manufactured from carbon, carbon alloy, stainless, duplex and vacuum arc re-melted steels.

If required for the reduction of machining cost, the final size can be closely held by a coining operation. Uniform mechanical properties are obtained by heat treating at our in-group heat treatment facility.
Shot blasting is carried out prior to magnetic particle inspection to confirm a defect free product where safety critical procedures are a requirement and are undertaken on site at Darlington.

Our materials laboratory are able to test for a variety of mechanical properties which include hardness, tensile, impact and micro examination.

For more information about our forging capabilities or how we can work with your business to reduce lead-times, product costs and increase quality please contact our technical sales engineers on 01325 462722 or email