Shafts for the Oil & Gas Industry

The shaft is an integral upset forged part for installation as an end drive flange within machinery installed in the oil and gas industry.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel the advantage of manufacturing an upset forging over conventional machining is it allows the customer to make moderate material savings. This also results in less time machining down stock lengths of expensive 316 stainless steel bar. The shafts can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and different carbon, stainless steel and duplex alloys.

Our Capacity
Localised heating of bar ends is possible using both gas and induction heating methods. This enables product of up to around 8 metres to be forged on one or both of the ends. We can upset bar stock from 20mm up to 120mm in a variety of metals including carbon, special alloy and stainless steels.

Our Machines
Our portfolio of upset forging machines includes Covmacs No. 6 and No. 7 along with a fully refurbished 5” Acme “Double Toggle” forging machine. This process is ideal for forging bolts of all kinds including hexagons and tees, especially when used in conjunction with the associated induction heater. Other larger products and shafts where grain flow is of prime importance are perfect for manufacturing on these machines.