Oil & Gas

Henry Williams Ltd have been at the forefront of forging manufacture within the oil and gas sector for over 40 years and have an extensive portfolio of products for both on and offshore production.

Drop stamped forged valves and connectors come in a range of sizes from 0.5kg up 200kg dependent on complexity, material specification and tooling requirement for use in corrosive and hazardous chemical environments.

Seamless pipe forgings and shafts are manufactured by the localised heating of bar ends using both Gas and Induction Heating methods. This enables products of up to approximately 8 metres to be forged on one or both ends. We can upset forge bar stock from 20mm up to 120mm in a variety of metals including carbon, special alloy and stainless steel.

Due to the flexibility of our forging manufacture production processes small batches can also be commercially viable allowing a far more robust product to be manufactured compared to expensive machined alternatives.