Covid-19 Testing Rack – Sketch to Sample in Ten Hours!

Covid-19 Testing Rack from Concept to Prototype in just 10 working hours. A new design, 316 Stainless Steel, Eppendorf Plate Support Rack designed and produced by Henry Williams Mechanical & Electrical Department. It will be used in the testing of COVID-19 Samples from our NHS, Fire & Police heroes. Our ex colleague, Andy Nelson, contacted us with his design idea this Monday gone, April 20th….and called in to our Darlington Facility yesterday, April 22nd, to collect the completed prototype for trials.

The sample was designed using the company’s Solidworks 3D Modelling Packaging, punched on one of our Pullmax machines and formed using a Safan pressbrake. Designated as key suppliers for Network Rail and Highways England before and during this pandemic,  Henry Williams Ltd continue to inovate and work closely with our Customers to ensure well designed, quality products are delivered at the right price, at the right time!