Henry Williams is a multi-skilled engineering business and is highly regarded for its work in the fields of rail, highways equipment, control systems and forgings. As part of our portfolio we are able to offer modern manufacturing techniques and our machine technologies for the production of bespoke customer products.

Our in house team of experienced project engineers and CAD CAM designers are able to offer an in-house development service to offer solutions to complex industry issues. The engineering team are based at our site in Darlington and work with the fabrication, forge and electrical areas of our manufacturing business. Our aim is to work closely with the customer and take a concept through to design; an approach including prototyping, testing and large batch quantity production.

Henry Williams also offer a manufacturing service for customers who own their own fabrication and electrical designs or forge tooling. The estimating team can quote small to medium batch quantities to large government and private contracts to the customers designs and specifications. The purchasing team have a number of contracts in place with large international raw material mills and stockholders to get competitive rates for customer orders and enquiries. Our team are very experienced and will assist the estimators closely allowing a fast turnaround on tenders and quotations.

The service areas of the business include a full modern fabrication facility which has robotic and CNC capability for punching, form welding and assembly. We offer a full range of forging techniques including machining, heat treatment and mechanical testing of customer products. Our electrical department have the capability to wire customer products within the factory through to onsite installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

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