Henry Williams offers an innovative, integrated solution to the rail industry in the form of its SafeBox Class II FSP01/02 for all Functional Supply Point applications.

Designed for use in new, legacy IT and especially re-cabling signalling power distribution systems as specified in NR/L2/ELP/27410. The SafeBox Class II FSP01 and Class II FSP02 assembly fully complies with Network Rail Specification NR/L2/ELP/27409 and BS EN 61439-2.

Key Features

SafeBox Class II is a form 4 fabricated stainless steel enclosure encapsulated in our electrically insulated coating (EIC).

We offer a number of FSP02’s with differing circuitry dependant on your needs, these can be found on the Product acceptance certificate of on the side bar on the right hand side of this page. these can be supplied as stand alone units or integrated into a location case as shown below

The slim design of our SafeBox range enables forward mounting freeing up valuable space to mount transformers above and behind the distribution unit.

A standard single location case can accommodate up to 3 transformers.

A standard double location case can accommodate up to 5 transformers.

A Location Case + Power can accommodate up to 9 transformers

The SafeBox FSP can be mounted at any height improving cabling access.

As we manufacture the Safeboxes, location case and bar work in house we are ideally suited to supply the full package, tested and warranted as part of your project or maintenance needs.

The CLASS II FSP01 and CLASS II FSP02 are complemented by our CLASS II FSP03 which works in conjunction with the approved Auto Reconfiguration Systems (ARS) and our FSP04’s





Please click on the link below for more detailed information:

Safebox Class II Range – Issue 1