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  • Advanced geometry – Best safety performances according to EN12767
  • Advanced steel grade – Dual phase steel DP600
  • Advanced coating – Continuous galavization – Magnelis +ZM31O
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Self-repairing protection on cut edges
  • An alternative to post-galvanising and other metals
  • Environmentally responsible

In the main traffic signs make roads safer but in case of a collision, the sign poles often become dangerous obstacles. When a vehicle hits such a sign pole, the energy generated during the impact will mainly affect the vehicle and its passengers.

Usually the pole barely moves which causes the vehicle to decelerate so abruptly and in such a short distance, that a negative impact on the human body cannot be avoided. The risk of having the front of the vehicle pushed back into the direction of the passengers causing them serious injuries or worse is much greater than the chance of those passengers getting out of the vehicle unharmed.

All over the world, people are killed during collisions with sign poles. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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The passive safe sign poles are developed, CE-marked, patented and manufactured by Safety Products and licensed for distribution in the UK and Ireland by Henry Williams Ltd.

The No Energy (NE) installation is designed to absorb impact and then the pole yields and is removed from the ground allowing very little resistance by the pole and giving a passive safety rating of 100NE2.

The yielding of the sign pole reduces the impact for the passengers while the vehicle retains its integrity. The risk of serious injury is greatly reduced.

The sign pole is constructed to yield no matter which direction it’s hit by the vehicle. The rivets or weakest points will always break in an impact and the strength will be lost and the deformation of the column will absorb the energy of the impact.


  • Low cost to purchase due to automated manufacturing.
  • Easy and quick to install just like a conventional sign pole, no special base or foundation is required.
  • Sign poles up to 12m in length.
  • Flat sign mounting face removes twist.
  • 25 year manufacturer’s corrosion warranty on Magnelis ZIPpoles and 20 years in a C5M environment.
  • 10 times more corrosive resistant then hot dipped galvanised zinc.
  • Withstands corrosion even if scratched or drilled due to alloys within the material.
  • Strong enough to take vandalism or slow moving vehicle impacts without having to replace.


  • Can be fully recycled after collision.
  • Low CO2 footprint during manufacturing.
  • Environmental safe root treatments.
  • No zinc run off with Magnelis.


  • CE approved to be installed on Highways Agency or Local Authority maintained roads.
  • EN12899, EN 12767, 100NE2 safety rating for minimum impact collisions.
  • Will always yield no matter which direction it is hit and at what height the impact happens.
  • HE type pole installation can also be offered.


  • Supplied with door opening or as a standard post.
  • Supplied with post cap.
  • Standard industry clips and banding can be used for mounting of the sign.
  • Choose from a variety of root treatments.
  • Can be powder coated to your colour specification.
  • Can be flanged mounted for installation on bridges, raised structures and central reservations.
  • Choose from a variety of corrosion resistant.

To view the full specs of Passive Safe Magnelis Sign & Traffic Poles please download the brochure below:


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