Major workshop refurbishment complete

The Electrical Projects workshop has had a range of different uses in its long history but since its last refurbishment in the early 1970’s has remained substantially unchanged. That is no longer true as a significant project has just been completed which involved a major upgrade to the facility which will enable Henry Williams to make much better use of the space as well as provide an improved and more flexible 10,000 sq ft working area.

The new layout has included the Artwork Department having a purpose built suite in one corner of the area which enabled the remaining floor space to become open plan. This new flexible working area, surrounded by storage racking for materials and assemblies, has dramatically improved not only the available working space but also widened the scope for projects that can be undertaken.

The entire roof was removed and replaced with insulated sheeting combined with an insulated false ceiling to provide good thermal retention. Energy efficient lighting combined with motion sensors continued the environmentally sensitive design.