Henry Williams Purchases Hull Forge

news_75_bigHenry Williams has purchased the business and assets of Hull Forge.

Hull Forge has an excellent reputation for quality and because of it’s machinery, can make smaller forgings down to 0.5kg, which were previously beyond our machines scope.

The acquisition, which is seen as a positive move forward for both companies, has allowed Henry Williams to extend our raange and we can now offer forgings from 2kgs through to 70kgs.

To maintain continuity of client contact and to retain Hull Forge’s expertise both Pete Waterman and Trevor Harrsion have joined the Henry Williams team and so from a client’s perspective, nothing will have changed.  However, Henry Williams, with our firm financial footing, can offer stability to Hull Forge, which has gone through some turbulent times over the last 10  years.

The name Hull Forge will be replaced with the name Henry Williams and Hull Forge as a separate business entity will cease to be.  All correspondence and orders should be addressed to Henry Williams Ltd., Dodsworth Street, Darlington, DL1 2NJ and this includes new and outstanding orders.

Henry Williams has been forging at our Darlington Facility since 1911, and we have both drop (gravity and pneumatic) and upset forging machines, which allows us to produce items like piston rods in-house.

We believe that adding Hull Forge to our portfolio will enhance our capabilities and allow us to offer an even better service to all our clients.

Steve Cotton – Sales and Marketing Director