Henry Williams presses the button for increased output

Henry Williams Limited, in Darlington, has acquired a new 100 tonne electric press brake, a key element in the production of its mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium products for the railways and highways.

The fully electronic press brake, which folds and shapes steel for cabinets often seen at the side of major roads and railways to house equipment, represents an investment of more than £60,000.

“Critically, it addresses a bottleneck we were experiencing in the fabrication area. It is 33% faster than our existing hydraulic press brake.” said Andrew Nelson, Henry Williams’ Forging and Fabrication Director.

“As well as being faster and more accurate, the electric press is remote programmable offline and can be linked to our punch press to do combined programming. It also has increased throat height, which enables us to make taller and deeper boxes and cabinets, therefore instantly expanding our product range.”

The investment comes less than 18 months after Henry Williams spent £600,000 installing a Banning air-powered drop hammer to improve the efficiency of its forging operations.

For further information contact Steve Cotton, Sales & Marketing Director, on 01325 462722.