Henry Williams Ltd Forge & Metal Products

Henry Williams Ltd Forge & Metal Products Division are proud of our rich history and heritage as a supplier of safety critical products within the Railways sector. While that remains an important part of our current business, diversification in to the mining, quarrying and deep sea trenching sector has brought with it significant growth.

Building long-term relationships with both existing and new customers alike; supporting their business development goals with projects across the globe, has allowed us to secure increased volume of existing closed-die forged products while also innovating new forged products in close collaboration with our customers.


Henry Williams Ltd Forge & Metal Products Division are able to provide traceability of raw material from rolling and forging through the whole of the manufacturing process which includes our final inspection areas, where we can offer NDT services such as MPI (PCN Level 2), DPI and Brinell hardness testing. The whole operation is ably supported by our in-house CAD/CAM engineering team, independent BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS accredited Mechanical Test House Facility along with inter-group heat treatment facility at Con Mech Engineers.

With these combined skills, we feel we are well placed to meet the challenges and opportunities this Sector presents to us through 2019 and beyond.

PSW/DB Apr 2019