Henry Williams Expands the SafeBox Range

h1Henry Williams is continuing to develop its range of Class II enclosures for use across several industries. The latest version – the SafeBox Compact range – can be used not only for new projects but also in existing installations where the additional benefits of Class II protection are desirable.

This development combines the traditional electrical protection properties of Class II in a new small enclosure with separately switched isolators and transformer supply fuses. One of its markets is for legacy applications in Railway Signalling Location Cases where existing earth connections are now in doubt so this could be used to provide a cost effective solution to provide a safer working environment for the maintenance teams.

For those technically minded this range of solutions replaces existing RedSpot or Cammaster fuse holders with either a single or double sided solution to allow the original cable to be used and to provide safe electrical isolation and supply. This legacy application can take into account the wide variety of existing designs and can be customised accordingly.

This SafeBox solution is relevant to all similar industrial applications where power distribution safety is being compromised by poor earth continuity.