Enhanced defect protection clamp achieves Network Rail approval

Following feedback from users in the field we are delighted to announce our updated and enhanced Clamp type ‘B’ (also known as a C-clamp) has been approved by Network Rail

The new clamp (057/054265) supersedes the old model (057/54321), the new clamp still features our unique drop forged body but now includes an uprated fastener system giving a 27% increase in strength these changes include;

  • Metric M27 bolt (up from the old 1″ bolt)
  • Metric Hardlock twin nut system to provide enhanced bolting capability

The clamps are available from supply from today and we would welcome your enquiry, see below for the approval cert. The clamp can be used on 109/110A/113A and UIC 54 & 60 rail sections.

It must be noted that, as before, bolts cannot be reused if bent and both the bolt (057/054266) and the nut system (057/054267) are available to purchase as spares. The bolt and nuts are not interchangable with the old style of clamp and these clamps should be considered obsolete.

The clamp is just part of our extensive range of fishplates and clamps approved for use on the railway including the 113A defect protection plate 057/054018 ideally suited for use with this clamp.

Product Approval Certification cert 06848 2

Updated O&M manual for the clamp HWTRC01-V01-31

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