Engineers at the hub of contract for new armoured vehicles

Henry Williams Limited has supplied forgings in support of an urgent order for a new fleet of armoured vehicles for troops in Afghanistan. HWL have provided more than 1,000 forged parts for 200 light-protected patrol vehicles for the British Army and a further 20 vehicles for the US Army.

The parts – two elements of the wheel hub assembly – are being supplied to Whiteland Engineering Limited, a sub-contract precision engineering company based in the South-West of England, where they are being assembled as an integral part of the Jackal 1& 2 and Coyote vehicles.These vehicles were designed, developed and put into service by Supacat ltd.

The Jackal , which entered service in the British Army in late-2009, is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain. It is used for reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support and convoy protection.
The Coyote, a tactical support vehicle, is a larger derivative of the Jackal 2. Its extra two wheels give a heavier vehicle approaching 10,500kg which will act in support of the Jackal 2 and allow transportation of supplies and equipment over similar terrain.
Henry Williams is supplying in the region of 1,130 of the forged wheel hub components, up to six per vehicle.

The parts were upset forged on the engineering firm’s newly-refurbished forge, and heat-treated at sister company Con Mech Engineering, in Annfield Plain, County Durham, to ensure strength and quality.

“Concerns about the need for greater protection for British soldiers are well documented, so we are very proud to be able to support, albeit in a small way, a project which will help to ensure the safety of troops on the frontline,” said Henry Williams’ Managing Director Andrew Nelson.

“The contract came to us on a short lead time but, thanks to the recent investment to increase production capabilities at our Darlington factory, we have been able to meet the stringent quality and delivery demands you would expect from an assignment of this nature.”

Henry Williams, a major supplier to the UK’s railway network since 1883, supplies a number of different market sectors, including the Rail, Defence, Highways and the oil and gas industry.

In the past 18 months, the company has invested more than £1.5m upgrading production capabilities at its factory in the Albert Hill area of Darlington, installing a German-made Banning air-powered drop hammer capable of shaping steel with four-tonne blows, as well as a new 100 tonne electric press brake, new welding facilities and other associated fabrication equipment.

For further information contact Managing Director Andrew Nelson on 01325 462722.